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TUM Mensa Campus


The new cafeteria at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Garching opened in September 2019 after around three years of construction. The former cafeteria from the 1970s had become too small due to the sharp increase in the number of students. The new cafeteria is not only a contact point for the 16,500 students from the surrounding faculties on campus, but also offers the appropriate framework for special events. The new building consists of the actual cafeteria, a cafeteria and a campus bar, each of which has its own kitchen. The operator, the Munich Student Union, speaks of the largest self-service cafeteria in Germany. The two-story building offers 5,000 m² of space for around 1,700 people, who can choose between eight dishes every day. Up to 7,300 meals can be prepared every day.

Interior design: Andreas AP Anetseder, Munich

Photography: Guido Kasper, Konstanz

Tables and special furniture: xchange design

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